Lake Bluff teachers, across all grades and disciplines, apply for Grants from the Alliance to help bring innovative tools, materials, speakers and programs to our classrooms. The Alliance for Excellence has been helping Lake Bluff teachers for over 25 years!

X-Carve & 3D printer

Alliance for Excellence recently approved a grant to benefit students in the Art and STEAM-related classes at Lake Bluff Middle School, applied for by Janet Engel-Julian. We loved bringing out our giant check to award her $4,633.88 to purchase an X-Carve and a 3D-printer. These creative tools will be utilized by nearly 150 students every trimester.

3rd Grade Books and Headphones

The Alliance funded helps fund new books and headphones for the 3rd Grade class. The books will help readers explore new topics of interest and enjoy some new reading materials.

Alliance for Excellence fuels creativity

Our new kiln scales the LB ceramics program to all of our students while providing greater safety and protection from broken/incorrectly fired clay projects.

The alliance brings MUSIC to LBMS

The new Hybrid Piano fills the new choir with the appropriate amount of sound to support the singers in rehearsal.  It also has the ability to transpose, provide additional keyboard sounds and MIDI record onto a flash drive at the touch of a button.  The compact design allows for more student space when multiple grade ensembles are rehearsing.

Alliance funds Author visits to encourage young readers

Author visits not only influence children to seek out and read the books of the author who visited, but they can make kids look at all books in a different light. 

Teaching Mindfulness

Teachers were awarded with a site license subscription to the “Mind Yeti’ mindfulness app. Mind Yeti is a mindfulness program for Pre-K through 8 that helps students to calm down, focus better, and feel more connected to themselves and others.

New supplies for the arts program

The Alliance funded the new vertical slab roller for the middle school, which allows the students to design and create larger projects much faster - so everyone can get their hands dirty.

technology improves Student collaboration at LBMS

The Alliance funded the new iPads in the Fine Arts department to help students collaborate and communicate more effectively together on their creative project work. 

The Alliance brings art to LBES


The Alliance was excited to co-fund (with PTO) the LBES Mosaic Project! All students and staff participated in the design and creation of the 12′ wide by 10′ high mosaic at the elementary school. Students learned about the history of mosaic art and were actively participated in the design and creation of the mural.

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