Alliance For Excellence Events

Throughout the year we connect students, teachers and parents at our events to encourage life long learning. Learn more about the Alliance at any of these events and challenge yourself, and your students, to keep learning!

2019 July 4th Parade Judges

A big honor! To celebrate our 30th anniversary, the July 4th Parade Board asked us to be the judges of the 4th of July Parade in Lake Bluff. We couldn’t say no and thoroughly enjoyed celebrating our anniversary with the town on the 4th.

Year End Celebration - 2019

At the close of the school year, we celebrated another great year with our donors, volunteers, and board members. 

2019 Are You Smarter than a 4th / 5th Grader?

We hosted a fun knowledge trivia competition for kids to throw down against their parents. Could you do it? Are you smarter than your 4th or 5th grader?

2019 Winter Warm Up

Supporters of the Lake Bluff Alliance for Excellence gathered at The Gallery in Lake Forest to mix and mingle over great food and drinks and introduce new friends to the group. In the middle of a dark winter, we celebrated our support for The Alliance for Excellence in Teaching, providing necessary funds to teachers and children in Lake Bluff public schools. 

2018 Marshmallow Design Challenge

Following the inspirational TED talk, we hosted a design thinking challenge for our younger students and their parents. This challenge reinforces the notion of prototyping, learning thru experimentation and valuing failure in the learning process.

Year End Celebration- 2018

At the close of the school year, to celebrate our school's accomplishments and to thank our donors and volunteers, we host an annual end of year dinner at the beach. 

Marshmallow Design Challenge 2018

The marshmallow design challenge is based on the famous TED talk, which encourages students to learn from failure, to iterate, and be creative in their problem solving.