The Alliance for Excellence is a non-profit foundation established to support excellence in teaching every aspect of every child within School District 65.

First iPads

The Alliance for Excellence funded the first iPads to be used in Lake Bluff schools. The "Increased Ingenuity with iPads" program was designed for all Kindergarten students to promote functional and creative learning. 

Music Programs

The Alliance for Excellence funded the purchase of 25 Tenor Ukuleles for 6th grade music students.  This pilot program afforded students the opportunity to learn to play string instruments and explore other world cultures.

First 3D Printer

The Alliance for Excellence brought affordable 3D printers to the classroom, allowing students to get their hands dirty designing and making 3D models, replacement parts, and unique gifts. 

“I can’t thank the Alliance for Excellence enough for their support of the arts programs at Lake Bluff Elementary.
— Mrs. Susan Haugland, K-2 Music Teacher

Helping Lake Bluff teachers for over 25 years

How does it work?

The Alliance for Excellence awards grants directly to our incredible teachers and administrators in Lake Bluff District 65. Through our online grant application process, any teacher or administrator with an idea or needs that directly affect District 65 students, which does not fall under the District Budget, can apply.

To ensure that all requests fall within the scope of curriculum, each application is reviewed by the school’s Principal, the District’s Curriculum Coordinator and Director of Student Services, Technology and Assessment, and the Superintendent of Schools. It is then taken to the Alliance for Excellence Board of Directors for review and a vote. In general, if the request falls within the mission of the foundation, and we have the funds, we award the grant! 

2016 Noyes Award Winners

The 2016 Noyes Award Winners

This peer-nominated award was started in 1992 to honor Dr. Noyes’ tenure as Superintendent of District 65 Schools. It recognizes 8th grade students who demonstrate strengths in: citizenship, attitude, service, leadership, and academics.

Joey Goodsir is described by the Director of Youth Ministries of his church as, “someone with an open, curious mind, a heart for others, and a maturity beyond his years. He undertakes even the smallest efforts with thoughtfulness and hard work.”

James Lao is described by friends as academically gifted, energetic, a caretaker, a mediator, a friendship facilitator. He shows compassion, consideration, and empathy and is a voracious reader.

Ground Breaking ceremony, March 2016

Ground Breaking ceremony, March 2016

Supporting the New Middle School

The Alliance for Excellence will be supporting the new Lake Bluff Middle School, whose ground breaking started just this spring. The Alliance will be providing special STEM lab materials in the new school and will help raise funds, specifically for the school as the students and teachers move into the new facility next year. 

Lego Mindstorms

The Alliance provided the Lego Mindstorm kits to LBMS students. 5th graders were asked to design and build their LEGO Mindstorm robots before programming them to move in precise measurements and angles.

Students had to code everything on their laptops and sync the program with their LEGO robot designs, encouraging them to develop both their math and spatial reasoning skills.

Science Lab Materials

To enrich and enhance the LBMS science labs, the Alliance funded 4 new electronic balances and 4 new hot plates. These cutting edge materials will allow for small lab groups, more time per student engaged with the materials, and they will be used within all three grade levels at LBMS.

Lake Bluff Elementary Mosaics Project

The Alliance was excited to co-fund (with PTO) the LBES Mosaic Project! All students and staff participated in the design and creation of the 12′ wide by 10′ high mosaic at the elementary school. Students learned about the history of mosaic art and were actively participated in the design and creation of the mural.




Support innovative educational initiatives in Lake Bluff

As the educational foundation for Lake Bluff public schools, the Alliance users your donations to support innovative educational initiatives that improve the school experience of every Lake Bluff child. To continue bringing excellence to our schools, we ask for your continued support.

Thank you to all of our donors and company support.  

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