Testimonial from the LBES Wellness Team:  

“The GenMove equipment is great for our classes.  They can be used in every grade, there are so many different uses for each piece of equipment and the kids love using them.  The goals are by far the best piece for our classes. They are circles that can be scored on at a low level with a ball rolling in or the kids can shoot equipment through the top hole.  They really give kids lots of opportunity to be successful at any age and skill level.  The kids love the omnikin balls.  They are big blown up multi purpose balls that float though the air and make it easier for kids to catch, strike and even kick.  We also love the noodles and noodle pieces that came with the set.  They make for great things to collect during games and there are tons of uses for the noodles.”

Single goal (4)
GenMove Balls (20)
Stacker Set (2)
Disc Cones (30)
Noodle Pack (2)
Omnikin Ball (2)
Universal Games & Activities Book
K-5 PE Book