Hybrid Pianos - Tradition Meets Technology

The grant brought a Yamaha NU1 Piano Hybrid and dolly to LBMS.  An issue with electronic pianos of the past was that they could not provide the authentic playing experience or sound of a real piano.  Our new Hybrid piano has the same action and natural wood keys used in the best Yamaha pianos without the cost of tuning or upkeep. Additionally, our new hybrid piano has no maintenance costs, whereas currently, the district incurs a cost of $400-$600 per year to tune and maintain the choir room piano.  

The Hybrid Piano fills the new choir with the appropriate amount of sound to support the singers in rehearsal.  It also has the ability to transpose, provide additional keyboard sounds and MIDI record onto a flash drive at the touch of a button.  The compact design allows for more student space when multiple grade ensembles are rehearsing.