3rd grade Social Emotional Curriculum

Every part of the school day for a child is important whether it is Music, Lunch, Math, or Science. The foundation to help a student achieve their maximum potential is that they know how to work well with others, manage strong emotions, learn how to make friends and be a friend, and how to solve social problems. Learning takes place throughout the day—in the classroom, on the playground, and at home. Children learn by watching and listening to how teachers, family members, and friends interact with one another. 

The curriculum called the Second Step program helps students think about, develop, and practice positive social skills. Research tells us that children who learn and use these skills are more likely to get along with others and be more successful in school.
The Second Step program reviews: 
 identifying respectful behaviors
 making and sustaining conversations with peers
 being assertive
 being a positive friend to others
 problem solving
 impulse control
 stress management
Second Step lessons introduce and teach all the above skills. All students are given the chance to practice the skills they’re learning through role-playing, an important part of Second Step lessons.