Books for Diverse Readers

In our continuing efforts to support a wide variety of readers, we are requesting funds to pay for 15  biography titles and 17  titles about American history topics.  The reason behind this request is the need to include biographies about current leaders and role models that reflect and honor the lives of all our young students. Also, there is a need for books that striving readers can learn from on all topics relating to the American Revolution.  As one of our readers recently said in a reflection, “I wasn't good at researching because I couldn't read the books”.  

These books will be housed in our Upper Level Book Room at LBES for all teachers and students to have access to at any time. The Book Rooms house authentic, high-quality books to help teachers not only teach our curriculum, but also help students develop a love of reading. We know that “book love” grows when our students are engaged in books that capture their imagination, challenge their thinking, and are at a level that is a “good fit”.   Books on current leaders and role models for all students will help support our Lucy Calkins Reading and Writing curriculum.  Since our implementation of the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project curriculum, we have invested time and energy in cataloging our current books within our bookrooms.  Through the use of a stipend we have added books that help support other areas of need from Kindergarten through Fifth Grade.  The addition of the biographies and books about American History will impact the lives of twelve teachers and over three hundred children.