Classroom Set of iPod Touch Devices

A classroom set (12) of iPod touch devices, cases, 3 dock charging stations. 

LBMS currently has 6 iPod touch devices that are shared by all staff members.  Art (6th, 7th, and 8th) and Lights Camera Action (7th and 8th) check these out frequently for student use.  In Art students document their art work, film during studio time, and take still photos.  In Lights Camera Action, the students use the devices as their primary source to film and then edit footage on both the devices themselves (using specific editing applications) and their laptops. 

The iPod Touch devices transfer film and photos seamlessly from one device to another and to the student laptops for further editing, analysis, and manipulation.  The students are already very familiar with how to use the iPod Touch devices because they use them in the STEAM lab.  They are lightweight, portable, and have dozens of applications that would enhance both art and film curriculum.  Having a set for film and art to share would reach all fine arts students and free up the existing 6 iPod Touch devices for more teachers and students to use.