Meditation / Yoga Mats

Each Wai Lana Yoga Mat measures 68 x 24 and features a sticky, non-slip surface with a 1/8 in thickness to provide superb traction. These mats cushion the spine, knees, ankles and elbows, and render support and stability in poses. These are latex-free, light-weight, easy to wash and free from phthalates, phenols, dioxins and furans.  These mats will be used in Health class for meditation sessions one/week in all grade levels. 

As part of the Health curriculum at LBMS, Allison Fink has introduced meditation to all grade levels once per week.  Meditation serves all students regardless of their learning capabilities and produced greater relaxation, better focus, improved memory, reduced anxiety and stress, reduced fatigue, boosts immunity, and students become more self-awareness. 

"I had a student who struggles with ADHD and last year, he said to me that there was no way he could meditate because he wouldn't be able to sit still.  I asked him to please lie down and if can't meditate with us, just be quiet and focus on his breathing.  When we were about 7-minutes in, I looked at him and low and behold he was meditating.  I am a big believer in the power of meditation for all students. " - Allison Fink

The following article addresses meditation in the classroom as well as for students who struggle with behavioral issues.