8th Grade Book Club Books

After reading To Kill a Mockingbird as a shared class novel experience, students often feel passionate about the issues and themes that resonate in the novel.  As an extended learning experience, the LB Middle School developed a book club unit to enable students to continue examining these themes, and more, in young adult novels that take place in their current world.  In selecting books we considered choice, level, and connections to the whole-class novel.  Many of the titles selected are newly published novels that are highly recommended in the literary community.  

Current topics include issues about race and ethnicity, immigration, physical and mental disabilities, family, loss, bullying, body image, gender, and so much more.  Students are able to explore these issues through a thematic focus in a collaborative book club experience.  Not only do these books provide a literary experience for students, but it will also helps to build the social/emotional intelligence as well.